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Also Delbrook, Emerick, Everline, Kennell, and Komp

Lineage of, information gathered, and prepared by Rodney Lee Gibbons

A special thanks to the late Marguerite Lepley Cockley, historian, genealogist, curator of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, PA (where the bible of Adam Lebele - 1776 is stored), and librarian out of Meyersdale, Pa. All of the ancestory posted here was gathered from her records. Without her dedication and hard work, we would not have this valuable treasure of family history to share with our descendants.

Currently her records and resources can be found at the Meyersdale, PA Public Library Phone (814) 634-0512. (ask for Lepley Family File).

I started this project many years ago. I apologize for not having the time to maintain it. It is my hope to pick up where I left off and post the remaining records and history found at Meyersdale, PA Public Library when I retire. Or maybe a member of the next generation would like to take this on.

63 Riflemen Lane • Winchester, VA 22601 • email: rodney1524@gmail.com

Lepley Reunion
Saturday, June 26, 2010

11 a.m. until....

Old Lepley Home, Wellersburg, PA


Take Rt. 36 (Mt. Savage Rd.). Turn north on Rt. 47 to Barrelville; continue to Wellersburg. (At the Pennsylvania line Rt. 47 changes to Rt. 160).
Approximately 1/4 mile from the state line, on right, is the lane to the farm. There will be balloons tide to the mailbox to mark the entrance.

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Donald W Lepley
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Lepley Lineage

Lepley House

Letters from Konrad Läpple

Baker, Elizabeth Lepley

Baker, Emma Frances Lepley

Baker, John

Baker, Mary (Polly) Albright

Barncord, Leora Catherine Lepley

Beal, Leoda Helen Lepley

Bebout, Elizabeth Jane Lepley

Bennett, Evelyn Marie Lepley

Bible, Charles Marion

Bible, Charlotte Jane Clark

Bittner, Barbara Lepley

Bittner, Bertha Lepley

Bittner, Christina Lepley

Bittner, Lydia Lepley

Black, William Joseph

Blank, Portia A. Lepley

Blume, Alice Lepley

Brailer, Helen Elizabeth

Brent, Janice Mary Pickett

Bridges, Eric LeRoy

Bridges, Jennifer Tobitha

Bridges, Linda Kay Lepley

Bridges, Ronald LeRoy

Broadwater, Alfred

Broadwater, Gilbert

Broadwater, Ida Hosselrade

Broadwater, Samuel

Broadwater, Susan Matilda Lepley

Brooke, Carole Ann Lepley

Brooke, Deanna Lynn

Browning, Mary Shipley

Bucher, Peter

Bunch, Cathy Darlene Lepley

Burkett, Adam

Burkett, Tena Emerick

Burtner, Kerri Ann Rawlings

Canton, Jeanette Lepley

Carnes, Virgie Bell Emerick Lepley

Carpenter, Donna Lee Lepley

Carpenter, Howard Wilfred

Carpenter-Clements, Lisa Gale Williams

Carpenter, Michelle Lee (Shelley)

Certo, Barbara Jean Lepley

Certo, Ernest Eugene

Certo, John Christopher

Certo, Lisa M.

Clark, Charles

Clark, Lola Burdetta Lepley

Clark, Martin

Clark, Mary Elizabeth Bible

Clites, Doris Maxine Lepley

Cockley, Eber Koser

Cockley, Marguerite Helen Lepley

Conway, John Robert

Conway, Kristy Lynn

Conway, Michael Frank

Conway, Scott Michael

Conway, Shirley Marie Markwood

Cook, Elizabeth (Betsy) Lepley

Cost, Ida Virginia Lepley

Corrigan, Anna Bell Lepley

Crabtree, Connie M. Lepley

Crawford, Joseph Aaron

Crawford, Joseph Lester

Crawford, Sheila Victoria Grim

Cressley, Aubren Elizabeth

Cressley, Corban Boyd

Cressley, Heidi Joy Lepley

Deal, Nancy Lepley

Deffenbaugh, Eric Philip

Deffenbaugh, Hazel Marie Lepley

Deffenbaugh, James Alan

Deffenbaugh, James Milton

Deffenbaugh, John Philip

Delbrook, Anne Mary

Delbrook, Bertha Gertrude Witt

Delbrook, Calvin Frank

Delbrook, Catherine Everline

Delbrook, Cecil Robert

Delbrook, Chales Raymond

Delbrook, Edward

Delbrook, Ellen V.

Delbrook, Erma

Delbrook, Frank William

Delbrook, Gary Lee

Delbrook, George Clinton

Delbrook, George Daniel

Delbrook, George Stuart

Delbrook, Grace A.

Delbrook, Harry Herbert

Delbrook, Hendry

Delbrook, John

Delbrook, Karl Henry

Delbrook, Mark Edward

Delbrook, Martha Elizabeth

Delbrook, Mary Ellen

Delbrook, Mathias H.

Delbrook, No first name

Delbrook, Phillip Edward

Delbrook, Ronald C

Delbrook, Rudolph

Delbrook, Stella Marie Murray

Delbrook, Stuart

Delbrook, Susan

Delbrook, Viola

Delbrook, Wilma Smerman

Dempski, Heather Marie Lepley

Dewey, Mary Belle

Dom, Hannah Lepley

Elison, Lydia Juanita Lepley

Ellis, Faye Lepley

Emerick, Andrew

Emerick, Christina Heller

Emerick, Jonathan

Emerick, Mary Ellen Albright

Emerick, Pearle

Emerick, Rachel Sturtz

Emerick, Solomon

Emerick, Virgie

Ereane, William

Everline, Antony or Andrew

Everline, Bertha L.

Everline, Daniel P.

Everline, Elizabeth

Eversole, Francis Lepley

Fincher, Helen Leore Lepley

Fichner, Ray

Fleegle, Patricia Ann Lepley

Fleegle, Wayne Edward

Ford, Anna Isabelle Lepley

Friend, Esther Louise Lepley

Gardner, Mary Elizabeth Lepley

Getz, Viola Kennell

Gibbons, Clifford Claud

Gibbons, Rodney Lee

Gibbons, Verna Lee Lepley

Glisson, Mary Helen Lepley

Gnagey, Marie Lepley

Gomer, Roland Duane

Gomer, Tina M.

Grabenstein, Allison

Grabenstein, Karen Marie Deffenbaugh

Grabenstein, Michael

Grahm, Gladys Edna Lepley

Grim, Arlene Grahm

Grim, Charlie

Groff, Ellen Lepley

Hamilton, Ann Alberta Lepley

Hamilton, Edward Eugene

Hawes, James Edson

Hawes, Roland Glenn

Hay, Ada Elizabeth Lepley

Heinrick, Alice A. Lepley

Hite, Ethel Cleo Lepley

Hoffman, Tammy Kay Lepley

Horn, Maud Olive

Horn, Samuel Hinton

Horowitz, Ruth Ann

Hosselrade, Mary

Hosselrade, William

Johnson, Marion Rachel Ellen Lepley

Jones, Pauline Grace Lepley

Kelley, Mildred Louise Lepley

Kennell, Albert

Kennell, Clara

Kennell, Clinton

Kennell, Dora

Kennell, Effie Lou Ellen Lepley

Kennell, Elenora Lepley

Kennell, Guy

Kennell, James

Kennell, John

Kennell, Robert

Kennell, Roy

Kennell, William

King, Arthur G.

King, Earl G.

Kline, Alice Ann Grim

Knight, Jeffrey

Knight, Sharon Grim

Komp (Comp), John

Komp, Elizabeth

Komp, Solomon

Korns, Ella Lepley

Korns, Lester

Läpple, Agnes Dorothea

Läpple, Dorothea

Läpple, Elisabeth Scheerer

Läpple, Euphrosia Catharina

Läpple {Lebele}, Hans Michael

Läpple, Johann Georg

Läpple, Margaretha

Läpple, Margaretha Ursula

Läpple, Maria Barbara

Läpple, Maria Catharina

Läpple, Maria Juliane

Läpplin, Balthaßer

Läpplin, Michael

Lease, Christine Susan Lepley

Lease, Clinton Burr

Lease, Douglas Glenn

Lease, Kathy Lynn

Lease, Leo Marcellus

Lease, Malinda Sue

Lease, Mark Alan

Lebele {Läpple}, Johann Adam

Lehmann, Robert Edward

Lehmann, Robert Edward

Lehmann, Tamela Ann Lease

Lepley {Läpple}, Johann Jacob

Lepley {Läpple}, John Jacob

Lepley {Läpple}, Johann Michael Adam

Lepley, Aaron

Lepley, Adam

Lepley, Adam II

Lepley, Adam III

Lepley, Adam Charles

Lepley, Adam George

Lepley, Adam Stewart

Lepley, Adam Thomas

Lepley, Albert Lester

Lepley, Allen Eugene

Lepley, Alonza

Lepley, Alonza S.

Lepley, Alvin Paul

Lepley, Amos

Lepley, Anna Catherine Delbrook (Annie Mae)

Lepley, Aaron

Lepley, Augustus

Lepley, Barbara

Lepley, Barbara Ann Kerr

Lepley, Barbara Bucherin (Bugher)

Lepley, Barbary Baughman

Lepley, Beryl Cleo Skipper

Lepley, Bertha Crawford

Lepley, Bertha Elizabeth Puckett

Lepley, Bob Jr.

Lepley, Calvin Charles

Lepley, Carol Joy

Lepley, Catherine

Lepley, Catherine Korns

Lepley, Cecil

Lepley, Cephus Jay

Lepley, Charles A.

Lepley, Charles Elwood

Lepley, Charles Richard M.D.

Lepley, Cherylin Renee

Lepley, Christian Rev.

Lepley, Cindy Murry

Lepley, Cindy Snyder

Lepley, Cora Agnes McCoy

Lepley, Cora Alice

Lepley, Cora Elizabeth Getz

Lepley, Dalton Blain

Lepley, Daniel

Lepley, Daniel Foster

Lepley, Daniel II

Lepley, Daniel Valentine

Lepley, Debra Ann Kent

Lepley, Delilah Beal

Lepley, Dennis

Lepley, Dian

Lepley, Donald Mark

Lepley, Donald Wayne

Lepley, Dwight Galen

Lepley, Earl Harvey

Lepley, Earl Theodore

Lepley, Edith Viola Troutman

Lepley, Edna May Smearman

Lepley, Edna P. Gaumer

Lepley, Edward Raymond

Lepley, Elizabeth

Lepley, Elizabeth Beal

Lepley, Elizabeth Horn

Lepley, Emma Catherine Delbrook

Lepley, Emma Saloma

Lepley, Eugene Adam

Lepley, Galen

Lepley, George

Lepley, George Harold

Lepley, Glen E.

Lepley, Grace D. Lotz

Lepley, Hanna

Lepley, Harmon Horn

Lepley, Harold Louis

Lepley, Harvey V.

Lepley, Herbert Blair

Lepley, Herman Glenn

Lepley, Herman Grant

Lepley, Herman Paul

Lepley, Howard Philip

Lepley, Ida Catherine

Lepley, Ida Elizabeth Emerick

Lepley, Irvin Theodore

Lepley, Jacob

Lepley, Jacob

Lepley, Jacob

Lepley, Jacob

Lepley, James Albert

Lepley, James Alan

Lepley, James Eli

Lepley, James Elmer

Lepley, Jeanette Livina

Lepley, Jesse Clarence

Lepley, Johannah

Lepley, John

Lepley, John

Lepley, John Adam

Lepley, John Getz

Lepley, John H.

Lepley, John Henry

Lepley, John Michael

Lepley, Joseph

Lepley, Joseph

Lepley, Joseph Edward

Lepley, Joseph Korns

Lepley, Josiah

Lepley, Kristin Michelle

Lepley, Lawrence Chester

Lepley, Lloyd

Lepley, Loda Burton

Lepley, Lydia (Lydie) Beal

Lepley, Lydia Mosholder

Lepley, Mahlon Edward

Lepley, Mahlon Eugene

Lepley, Mahlon Herbert

Lepley, Mahlon Herbert, Jr.

Lepley, Malona

Lepley, Mark

Lepley, Maria Baker

Lepley, Marion F.

Lepley, Marry

Lepley, Martin Luther

Lepley, Martin Luther II

Lepley, Mary Ann Shumaker

Lepley, Mary Ellen Spaid

Lepley, Mary Kemery

Lepley, Maurice Herbert

Lepley, Michael

Lepley, Milena Hanson

Lepley, Millard F.

Lepley, Minerva Jane

Lepley, Missouri

Lepley, Norman Lincoln

Lepley, Oliver Roy

Lepley, Orie Alvin

Lepley, Oscar Adam

Lepley, Patricia Ann

Lepley, Paul Leroy

Lepley, Paul Vinson

Lepley, Peter

Lepley, Phoebe

Lepley, Pleasant Rebecca Anderson

Lepley, Rachel Ida McNair

Lepley, Ralph Emerson

Lepley, Raymond Elliott

Lepley, Raymond Robert

Lepley, Rhedunia

Lepley, Richard Irvin (Rick)

Lepley, Rister Ray

Lepley, Rita Eileen Douthitt

Lepley, Robert B.

Lepley, Robert Barry

Lepley, Robert Charles

Lepley, Robert Edward

Lepley, Robert Gary

Lepley, Robert Nathan

Lepley, Robin Rae

Lepley, Ronald C.

Lepley, Samuel

Lepley, Samuel

Lepley, Samuel Lee

Lepley, Sarah Alberta Lewis

Lepley, Sarah Alice

Lepley, Sarah Comp

Lepley, Simon

Lepley, Simon Alexander

Lepley, Simon Eugene

Lepley, Sodie

Lepley, Solome Engle

Lepley, Solomon

Lepley, Stanley

Lepley, Stanton (Sonny)

Lepley, Susanna Critchfield

Lepley, Susannah

Lepley, Sylvester Ray

Lepley, Thaddeus

Lepley, Thomas Edison

Lepley, Thomas Howard

Lepley, Tony Samuel Lepley

Lepley, Valentine (Felty)

Lepley, Victor Louis

Lepley, Weldon

Lepley, Wilbert Hendry Samuel

Lepley, Willet

Lepley, William Lewis

Lepley, William Samuel

Leplin, Hans

Leplin, Michael

Lepplen, Hans Caspar

Light, Diana Lepley

Ling, Nancy Lepley

Lorold, Rachael Ann Lepley

Love, Patricia Ann Delbrook

Love, Ronald Lee Jr.

Love, Wendy Allyn

Mankmyer, Irene

Markwood, Lena Elizabeth Delbrook

McGill, Laura E. Lepley

Miller, Ostella Marie Lepley

Miller, Sandra Lepley

Mills, Lovannis Clark

Mosholder, Catherine (Caty) Lepley

Murray, Clay Hubert

Murray, Elsie May Fuller

Murray, Emmabell Lucille Lepley

Murray, Viola May Lepley

Nicholson, Fanny Lepley

Offutt, Amy LaRae

Offutt, Carol Jean Delbrook

Offutt, Jennifer Lynn

Offutt, Joshua Douglas Harold

Offutt, Robert Michael Offutt

Ohler, Carol Ann Lepley

Parist, Edna Mae Pickett

Parker, Doris May Lepley

Pickett, Evelyn Carol

Pickett, Ruth Elizabeth Lepley

Pierce, Doris Eileen Lepley

Purbaugh, Lucinda Lepley

Rawlings, David Micheal

Rawlings, David Rodger

Rawlings, Glenn Rodger

Rawlings, Thelma Ida Catherine Lepley

Rice, Claudia Jane Skidmore

Rice, Evelyn Lucille Lepley

Rice, Garrett Waverly

Rice, Huff White

Rice, Kimberly Elizabeth

Rice, Waverly Fleming

Rice, William Waverly

Robertson, Florence Leoma Lepley

Roop, Brandon

Roop, Teresa Ann Lepley

Roop, Tiffany

Sansom, Mary Catherine Lepley

Saylor, Christina

Saylor, Douglas James

Saylor, James Walter

Saylor, Jeffrey Walter

Saylor, Lucille Emma Lepley

Saylor, Susan

Schade, Edith Genevine Lepley

Schaefer, Beatrice Eleanor Pickett

Schriekel, Christine Louise Schussler

Schussler, Evelyn Marguerite Cockley

Schussler, Frederick Dale

Shipley, Martha Hosselrade

Shober, Braden Eric

Shober, Bryan Wayne

Shober, Sandra Lee Stahl

Shoemaker, Clara

Shoemaker, Elizabeth Lepley

Shoemaker, Harvey

Shoemaker, Lavina Lepley

Shoemaker, Ross

Shoemaker, Samuel

Shoff, Virginia Grace Lepley

Shoff, William Edward

Smith, Betty Louise Lepley

Smith, Clara Mae Lepley

Smith, Donold Lester

Smith, Gary Earl

Soleskey, Helen V. Lepley

Sommers, Jacqueline (Jackie) Lee Shoff

Spangler, Etta Lepley

Spedden, Mary Elizabeth Lepley

Speight, Alexis

Speight, Brittany

Speight, Caleb

Speight, Madonna Lynn Lepley

Stahl, Bertha Delbrook

Stahl, Earl S.

Sturtz, Lorraine

Sturtz, Lucretta Korns

Taccino,Janet Lepley

Taccino, Rodney Eugene

Terry, Jean Louise

Thomas, Andrew Lee

Thomas, Dawn Marie

Thomas, Eileen Lucille Rice

Thomas, Ronald Scott

Thrasher, Susan Elizabeth Lepley

Tompson, Nancy Ellen Lepley

Tragos, Alexis Leigh

Tragos, Helen Michelle Conway

Troutman, Louisa Lepley

Troutman, Minnie Young

Troutman, Russell Stewart

Troutman, Stewart Cleveland

Troutman, Susanna Lepley

Valentine, Rachel Thelma Lepley

Virzi, Teresa Marie Lepley

Wahl, Mary Lepley

Walker, Christina Agnes Lepley

Weimer, Jennie Kennell

Welsh, Margaret B. Lepley

Wilhelm, Matilda (Tillie) Lepley

Williams, Mary Anderson Lepley

Wilson, Emma Horn

Witt, Anna Delbrook

Yutzy, Clarissa Lepley

Yutzy, Mary Lepley