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December 2, 2002 - Richard Beaver, email:, contributed correction on immigration date of first Lepley and other family information.

Jan. 8, 2003 - Mary Wahl, email:, 424 Autumn Tr., Michigan City, IN, holder of the Samuel and Ida Lepley family bible.

March 11, 2001 - Descendants of Johannes Laepple by Tom Laepple

Many many thanks to Konrad Läpple, family researcher in Germany, who we owe considerable gratitude for his pre-imigration information on the Lepley lineage.

Our warmest thanks to the late Marguerite Lepley Cockley, historian, genealogist, curator of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, PA (where the bible of Adam Lebele - 1776 is stored), and librarian out of Meyersdale, Pa. Most of the information included herein originated from her hand written records. Currently her records and resources can be found at the Meyersdale, PA Public Library Phone (814) 634-0512. (ask for Lepley Family File).

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Sep 14, 2010: just wanted to know if the lepley's in myersdale are related to lepley in boswell. I am married to a lepley his name is Gary allen Lepley his parents were Helen Baca Lepley and Walter lepley son of Bertha Lepley. My name is Christina Faith Palmer Lepley. Gary sister are Patti Hanes Lepley Peggy Zadzora Lepley brothers are David Lepley, Richard Lepley, Ronald Lepley, and Chris Lepley. please e-mail and I love to see where we all fit in 2gether. take care God Bless christina. Gary Lelpley

Jul 12, 2010: My name is Ronald C. Delbrook My Father was Charles Raymond Delbrook His Father was John Delbrook His father I believe was Rudolph Delbrook It seems I do not see a record of John Delbrook. Is there a way to track him or do you have any information. Thanks I can be reach here or at my home e-mail. I am a QE/MRB for Boeing and would love to learn more about my family of the past. Ron Delbrook

Jun 25, 2010: I am a Lepley descendant

Johan Adam
George Lepley
Calvin Lepley
Jesse Lepley
Herb Lepley b 1907 - 1970
My Mom 1929 -
ME 1967 -

My grandfather has a John Porter b 1810 and Eliza (Elizabeth) Horn b 1812
I have not been able to link these two back to their origins but think that they go back to either the same Horn family as Elizabeth Horn wife of Adam Lepley II (Valentine does not have the right name and age bracket to plug into.)

Do you maybe 3 generationn of Horns in your data base. Do you know who Horn rd is named after in Wellersburg, PA ?

Many thanks

John Hamacher 50 Hazel Ave Scituate, MA 02066 - 3942

Jun 14, 2010: I wonder if you could help with a question. On it is noted that George Lepley’s wife Barbara Baughman was “sister of Chris and Mary Baughman.” Do you have any more detail about Chris and Mary and any documentation of their relationship? Is Mary a sister, or wife of Chris(tian) Baughman? I know Hill’s History of Knox County states that she was daughter of Christian and Mary Baughman.

I have Barbara Baughman (c1810-1854) who married John Haviland in Knox Co. in 1836. She was the daughter of the Christian Baughman who died in Knox Co. in Jackson Twp., 15 Oct 1851. His 1850 census entry suggests he was born abt 1779, in Pennsylvania. I have speculated that the Barbara Baughman who married George Lepley may have been sister of Christian (d. 1851), and that possibly the Jacob Baughman who married Rachel Welker, Susannah Gaumer and the widow Mary Ann Shroyer may also have been a brother. But I haven’t been able to find any proof – or link their supposed father Christian (m. Mary) to the various Baughman lines from Pennsylvania.

Any Baughman information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Kay Staub

May 02, 2010: My name is Jennifer Messina ( formerly Lepley). My grandfather was Eugene Adam Lepley and my father was Robert Edward Lepley, who are both deceased. My grandfather would always tell me about the family reunions when I was a child, which is my reason for writing. Could you please send me any informatiom about the up coming reunion this June if it's not to late. I now have two children of my own and would love for them to know and see some of their family and it's history. My grandfather and father died before my kids were born so they really have no connect besides me of there families past.

Thank You, Jennifer Messina

Apr 19, 2010 - Rebecca Lepley - I came across your website: Looking at my Grandmother's Name: Pleasant Rebecca Lepley, I see there is A LOT of information missing. First of all, Pleasant's Daughter "Susan Elizabeth (whole is mother) hasn't been married to William Thrasher since the 50's--She married WILLIAM LAWRENCE KING (who is my Father). Susan Elizabeth did have 4 children to William Thrasher. (Should I receive a response from you and you are interested, I can provide you with a lot of information).

Susan Elizabeth and her brother, Adam Stewart died within hours of each other on the SAME DAY, just a couple States away from each other in 1998.

If you are interested in more information, feel free to email me back.

Susan Rebecca(which came from Pleasant) King-Clayman

Apr 16, 2010: - Melinda Lepley - 410-843-7378 - My grandfather was Valentine Pete Lepley from Boswell, Pa. Is there any connection?

Apr 13, 2010 - Nat Lepley - Thank you for creating the website at I enjoyed reading about the early Lepleys, and I especially liked the photo of George Lepley.

August 3, 2004 - Sheryl Kelso - Sir, my great grandmother was Anna Marie Everline who was married to William Henry Petenbrink. I have much information on the Petenbrinks, but nothing on Anna Marie. If you have anything at all on her, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I am Sheryl (Horchler) Kelso in Fort Ashby (Mineral County), WV.

July 26, 2004 - Roger Lepley - Let me introduce myself, I am Roger Lepley and just recently come upon your genealogy web site of my/our family. It looks like we share the first three generations and there it splits, I think. My ancestors traveled on to Knox Co. Ohio, then on to Union, Iowa, and now I am in California. 

There is one large discrepancy I hope you can help me with. According to the records I inherited from my father the family came over from Germany on Monday, October 9, 1749 on the ship "Lydia" captained by John Randolf with 154 passengers. Also the family name was Loble. My first reaction is that I may not have accurate information because of several uncatalogued notes, one mentioning a 1754/1755 arrival date. I believe he may not have been able to finish his work before passing away. Have you had any other correspondence mentioning the same discrepancy? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to here from you.

Roger Lepley

January 3, 2003 - Kristen Gardner Ryan, grandchild of Galen Lepley.

November 14, 2002 - Bruce McCrea, possible descendant of Barbara Bucherin. Bruce was looking for a connection between his Barbara Bucherin and ours to see if we were related. See his letter dated 11-14-2002 and Jacob Martin Lineage.

April 15, 2002, Erm Lepley, email: - believed to be descendant of Simon Lepley looking for his connection to the lineage.

June 12, 1999, Margie Wilmouth, 2316 Jena St., New Orleans, LA 70115, (504) 899-1030 - looking for a connection between her Valentine Lepley b 22 Jan. 1826, Mt. Vernon, Knox. IA married to Margare Scott and our line, but no connection could be found.

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